A New Way for Photographers to Make Their Business Stronger

We created StickyApps to help you strengthen your photography business with clients you can count on, so that you can spend more time doing what you love. Our platform enables you to earn recurring income by creating custom mobile web apps for small businesses.

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Learn more about how StickyApps is disrupting the photography industry by helping professional photographers grow their businesses with small business partnerships and custom mobile apps.

What is a StickyApp?

A StickyApp is a mobile, responsive website that when loaded on a mobile device, behaves like a mobile app.

Unlike StickyAlbums, StickyApps is a website replacement tool. This technology, paired with your small business partners, creates an unexpected synergy. Know a small business owner? Chances are, they have a hard time crafting their own website. Imagine partnering with that business owner, and being able to provide your photography services to them, in addition to a mobile website.

Expand your Client Base

The psychology of marketing tells us that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, yet small business websites are littered with bad images and so miss out on prospective clients. You can provide small businesses with compelling images and content showcased in their very own gorgeous custom mobile web app to help them win new customers.

Our templates, simple drag-and-drop tools, and live preview make it easy for you to create apps. Look like a genius without any code or complexity and differentiate yourself while staying focused on what you do best. Expand your client base and even build vendor partnerships to get more referrals in your portrait business.

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Drag & drop it like it’s hot

StickyApp’s powerful drag & drop Builder and beautiful interface is easy to learn, yet gives you all the tools needed to create custom apps in any industry.

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Make small businesses h-APP-y

Small businesses love having their own app, which can be saved offline to the home screen. StickyApps are also sharable via a link so you can avoid the App Store hassle and fees.

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Mobile Friendly to the Core

StickyApps are mobile friendly, responsive, and look great on mobile, desktop and tablet. They are optimized for SEO and can even be used as a website replacement.


Seasonal revenue is unpredictable. As photographers, there are seasons where clients are a-plenty, yet the exhaustive maneuvering to make up for the slow months can be draining.

Say goodbye to unpredictable and say hello to recurring revenue you can count on all year.


We're a tough breed and we adapt. Our business relies on it. Along the way, many photographers pick up the skills they learn while wearing many different hats. Those are the skills small business partners are hungry for.

You've used them to your business' benefit, why not help your small business partners?


StickyApps is a builder allowing you to build simple, one-page websites. But that's just the beginning.

Small business owners know how important good photography is, but rarely can these small businesses justify larger shoots. With our services, you can collect fees for monthly mini-shoots, in addition to all the other amazing talents you have picked up being a photographer.


You set your own price for your bundled package, which includes photography, a custom website, and any other services you want to offer.

We've partnered with Stripe to give you a super easy, automated way to collect money from your small business clients.

Doing the math? As an example, a small business purchasing a plan for $149 per month means over $1,500 in profit each and every year you get to keep.

We're here to teach you to run

You have to walk before you can run. The same is true when starting a new venture. To help you learn how to use this new tool, all of our customers receive a membership to StickyAcademy.

StickyAcademy is much more than the typical tech support. We teach you how to build and market your StickyApps to the "walking yes" small businesses who are looking for someone like you to help them. Included are self-paced HD video training, articles describing key concepts, sales and marketing templates, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and ongoing live webinars. Bond with other StickyApps users in our private Facebook group, who provide community and accountability. And, of course, world-class support is only an email away.


We built StickyApps from scratch, implementing features to help photographers earn recurring income. Since its inception, StickyApps continues to grow by listening to our customers and building valuable features.


All the education and resources you'll need to be successful selling Apps.

Access to Members-Only Facebook Group

Get access to our members-only Facebook group, to connect with other StickyApps customers and get ideas for your business

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Collect payments from your small business partners with our easy platform: StickyPayments

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Dedicated One-on-one Coaching

Receive dedicated coaching to help when you get stuck, or to give you an extra push.

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View a colorful easy to read chart with total views, unique views, and single photo share views. Get insight into monthly trends.

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Beautiful Image Galleries

Show off your professional photography with our beautiful image galleries

World-Class Support

We offer world-class customer support by email and phone. Free 1:1 consultations are always available

Multiple Industry Templates

Save time when building apps by using our industry templates. Such examples include: Florists, Wedding Venues, and Vendor Guides

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Photography Website Template

Build your online presence with our simple and effective photography website template

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Mobile Friendly to the Core

The world is moving to mobile. We built StickyApps with a mobile-first approach. From mobile to desktop, your app will look gorgeous.

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Search Engine Optimization

All StickyApps are built to come up high in search engine rankings. They include up-to-date code and pass Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”.

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Video Embedding

Embed videos for the small business, such as testimonial videos or product videos.

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Our infrastructure is super fast and reliable, to ensure websites load quickly. And all of your data is always backed up.

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Offline Saving

Enable this option and visitors can save small business websites to their phone, so that internet connectivity is not required to view the website.

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Recurring Billing

Create pricing plans for each small business. Once they sign up, you’ll get paid automatically each month directly into your bank account.

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Custom Domains

Let small businesses use their own domain (e.g. www.smallbusiness.com) to align with their company brand.

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Easily link to all of the small business’ social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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All StickyApps are built to come up high in search engine rankings. They include up-to-date code and pass Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”.

Photographers Love Us

Thank you, I love StickyApps and what it has done for my photography business and my community of small businesses! Also, the support crew Nate has hired is incredible.

Kate Schwindt
Portrait Photographer

This has given me the ability to create steady income while working in a very seasonal profession. Plus, StickyApps look incredible and professional for any business.

I love it and my clients love it.

Josh Fisher
Portrait Photographer

I was lucky to be in the pilot program for StickyApps and it is amazing! Having been in photography industry for almost 20 years I am always looking for ways to add value to my brand and this is definitely something that will do just that!

Wendy Hacker
Portrait Photographer