Frequently Asked Questions

Is a StickyApp an "app" or a "website"?
A StickyApp is mobile responsive web app that can serve as a website replacement. Like a website, it is sharable via a link and looks great on desktop. However, like an app, a StickyApp when viewed on a phone can be saved to the home screen with a custom icon and is viewable offline.

Additionally, StickyApps are characterized as "mobile friendly" by Google; that is, they are mobile responsive so that you only need to create one StickyApp design that will work great on all devices, whether it is a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Since they are mobile friendly they will show up higher in search results than sites that are not mobile friendly. This is a huge differentiator for a small business from their competitors.

Can I see a sample?
Sure, check out these links on desktop and mobile:
Wedding Venue sample
StickyApps Marketing App sample

Does it work on iPhone and Android?
Yes, StickyApps work on both iPhone and Android. You only need to create one StickyApp, which will work on all platforms.

Is it possible to provide web traffic analytics to the small business?
Yes, StickyApps allow you to enter in a Google Analytics tracking ID code so that you and the small business can get web traffic analytics, such as number of views, time spent on site and more. We will provide support on how to do this if you are unfamiliar with the process, and can share resources with you on how to use Google Analytics if you have not before.

That said, you do not need to become an expert in Google Analytics. For most small businesses, just entering in their Google Analytics tracking ID code is all you will need to do.

How do you address SEO?
We understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. All StickyApps are designed to be optimized for SEO without you needing to take any additional action, through features on the back-end that we are handling such as organized and updated code, quick site loading time, no rich media (e.g. Adobe Flash), and Google Analytics integration. Additionally, all StickyApps will pass Google’s "Mobile Friendly" test, to ensure they show up high in the rankings.

We support custom domains and let you edit the meta-description. Important keywords can be included in headings and sub-headings to help with ranking. We also show you other ways to optimize SEO quickly and easily in the StickyApps Bootcamp course.

Google is now penalizing sites in search results that are not "mobile friendly". Is a StickyApp mobile friendly?
Yes, all StickyApp templates are designed and tested to be mobile friendly to ensure that you and your small businesses are not penalized by Google.

How does a small business share a StickyApp with their clients?
A StickyApp is shareable via a link, just like a normal website. That means that a small business can put their StickyApp URL on their business card and advertise the link in other places, such as in their store, on signage, and in marketing materials. They can email or text the link to clients as well. They can even post it on social media.

When someone opens a StickyApp on their desktop, it loads just like a normal website. When it is viewed on a mobile device the visitor is given the option to save it to their home screen with a custom icon similar to an app.

Do you support push notifications?
At this time, StickyApps are not capable of push notifications. However, since they are not native apps, you do not need to deal with app store registration fees and the app store approval process.

Recently there are new features becoming available in browsers to support push notifications. We understand the importance of push notifications in marketing, and as this technology becomes available we will evaluate whether it can be integrated into StickyApps.

Do you support video?
Yes, you can embed videos from several different services, and we also have a new feature that lets you use an mp4 looping video in place of the main "hero" background image (when viewed on browsers that support this functionality).

I have a lot of web design experience. Can I edit the HTML/CSS?
At this time, we do not allow you to edit the HTML or CSS, though we do support text Markup. Our goal is not to turn you into a web designer, but rather to give you a platform to create gorgeous mobile responsive web apps for small businesses which don’t take too long to make and which you can bundle with your photography services. Your time is better spent networking with small businesses, and taking awesome pictures, than tinkering with code.

What is a template?
It is often easier to be an editor than an author. Our templates allow you to start working from an expertly designed sample StickyApp, instead of starting from scratch. This way you only need to make minor modifications to quickly create a beautiful StickyApp for a small business. We have several industry-focused templates and are actively working on creating more.

How are you different from other web builder companies?
StickyApps is built by photographers, for photographers. Other companies offer interfaces that are much more complicated and require much more time to create a website. They are well suited for web designers who routinely spend weeks or months putting together a website.

Our goal is not to turn you into a web designer, but rather to give you a platform to create gorgeous mobile responsive web apps for small businesses which don’t take too long to make and which you can bundle with your photography services.

StickyApps is paired with our Academy educational curriculum proven to get results. If you keep up with the content, complete the homework assignments, and take action, you will be successful.

Do you support other more complex features, like blogs, e-commerce, and scheduling appointments?
Sort of. We have chosen not to support these features at this time. However, you can add a button onto a StickyApp that links out to a blog, e-commerce site, or appointment scheduler that is hosted on another platform.

StickyApps are mainly geared towards small businesses who are trying to get more customers into their store. Small businesses that have more complicated needs may not be a good fit for a StickyApp.

Setting up an e-commerce site or other complex features takes a lot of time. We want you to focus on your photography business. We will teach you in StickyApps Bootcamp how to find the right types of small businesses who are a great fit for StickyApps.

Can I have my client make their own site updates?
No, your account will allow access to all of your StickyApps, so you cannot share your login with your client. We will teach you in the StickyApps BootCamp course how to deal with site updates. For example, you can include a limited number of site updates as part of your monthly fee (e.g. 1 hour of site updates every quarter). If you sell multiple StickyApps, you can hire an intern to handle site updates for you.

How do I identify small businesses that are a good fit for this?
There are a number of different factors that influence whether a small business is a good fit for a StickyApp. We have a template taught during the StickyApps Bootcamp class called C.H.A.M.P. that will walk you through how to identify small businesses who would be interested in a StickyApp. Over 14 million small businesses don’t have a website, and another 7 million are unhappy with their current site. We will teach you how to find these businesses, how to setup a conversation, and what to say once you meet with them.

If a small business doesn’t have a website, are they a good fit?
Yes, they probably are, since a StickyApp can serve as a website replacement. When someone goes to the StickyApp on their desktop, it would load just like a normal website. When someone opens the StickyApp on their phone, it would add to their home screen and could be saved offline to the phone similar to an app.

If a small business already has a website, are they a good fit?
In some cases, it will make sense for a small business to keep their existing website at, and use the StickyApp as their mobile web presence at a different subdomain, such as In this case, you can also include a button in the StickyApp to link to their website. In other cases, if the small business site is very outdated or not mobile friendly, it may make sense to take down their current site and replace it with the StickyApp. Finally, if the small business already has a well-designed mobile-friendly website, they may not be a good fit for a StickyApp.

We go through all of the details in the StickyApps Bootcamp course, so that you can become an expert on how to identify which businesses are a great fit for a StickyApp.

What is StickyAcademy?
StickyAcademy is our educational training included as part of your StickyApps membership. This is not just your normal training videos and slides. Our training it packed with actionable insights and tactics that will let you start taking action and seeing success. Homework will help to keep you on track and accountable.

We will take responsibility for giving you the tools and education you need to succeed. We will look to you to be open to what we teach and flexible in adapting our lessons to your specific circumstances. We expect you to take action on what we go over in class. Through action you will learn what works and does not work in your local market, and we will be there to support and coach you through your first StickyApp sale and beyond.

Do you have to go through StickyAcademy to be a part of StickyApps
StickyAcademy and all of our education is included as part of your StickyApps membership. Even if you are an expert in certain aspects of StickyApps, we strongly recommend going through the course as we will share all of the lessons learned by hundreds of photographers who have used our products. We cannot force you to go through the training, but there is a strong correlation between photographers who take the course seriously and those photographers who sell a lot of StickyApps at high price points.

Can the StickyAppss Bootcamp be reviewed on my own time?
Yes, the course is accessible 24/7 so you can work on your own schedule. From time to time we will offer live events; if you cannot make them that is no problem as they will be recorded and posted so that you can access it on your own schedule at any time.

I'm not a copywriter or designer. Wouldn’t a small business expect help in these areas?
The goal of StickyApps is not to turn you into a web designer, but rather to give you a platform to create gorgeous mobile responsive web apps for small businesses which don’t take too long to make and which you can bundle with your photography services.

Through our education, you will learn that selling a StickyApp to a small business is more about the approach than the content. Once you sell your app, you can use our templates to help get started right away with a great looking design. We will teach you some basic techniques that you can use to quickly enhance your copy and design without spending a lot of time, so that you can focus your efforts on your photography.

When can I enroll?
Course scheduling can change. Please email to get the next course start date.

What types of sales and marketing materials do you provide?
We provide everything you need to get up and running. That includes a sales brochure template, proposal contract templates, email examples, a conversation guide, and more.

We also include a free StickyApp that explains the features of a StickyApp and services you plan to offer (check out an example by clicking here).

Do you provide hosting for StickyApps, or do the small businesses need their own hosting?
We provide hosting for your apps, including the content files and images. This is all included in your monthly fee. The small business will not need their own hosting.

Does a small business need their own domain name?
No. If they choose not to have a domain name, their StickyApp will be at However, we find that most small businesses benefit by having a custom domain that aligns with their company name and brand. Custom domains also help with SEO.

If they want to use their own domain name, they will need to purchase one through a domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Hover, or Bluehost. You can help the small business in this process if you like and include that as part of your setup fee. We can provide support and walk you through this process if you are unfamiliar with how to purchase a domain name.

What if a small business already has their own domain name?
StickyApps can be setup with a custom domain to use a domain name already owned by a small business. You or the small business will need to make a simple change in their domain registrar account to link their domain to the StickyApp. We will provide support and walk you through all the details on how to do this.

How much does this cost? How many apps are included?
The price and number of apps included depends on which plan you sign up for. All plans include access to the StickyApps Builder, StickyAcademy, and StickyPayments, as well as the ability to make demo StickyApps to show to small businesses who have not yet purchased a StickyApp.

You have full control over how much you sell a StickyApp for. We have partnered with Stripe; like most other popular credit card payment processors, they charge a processing fee of 2.9%.

Please visit our website at for our current pricing.

How much does a small business pay for their StickyApp?
This is up to you. In the StickyApps Bootcamp class, we will share data on how much other photographers are selling StickyApps for, and how to come up with the right price point for your market and the small businesses you are working with. By bundling photography services and any other services you would like to include, you can justify a higher price point.

How long does a small business pay for their StickyApp?
StickyApps are paid for each and every month the small business has the App, just like a website. They are intended to be paid for indefinitely.

What payment processor do you use to enable us to bill small businesses? Can I use my own payment system?
We are integrated with Stripe, a leader in the payment processing space, to give you the ability to collect and process credit card payments from small businesses. You are welcome to use your own payment system when billing small businesses, but then will be unable to take advantages of our small business billing status indicator and automated client billing emails that we offer via StickyPayments.

What happens if a small business stops paying me for their StickyApp?
If a small business wants to stop paying for their StickyApp, they can do so at anytime by notifying you. At that time, you will have the ability to turn off their StickyApp. If they decide to pay for their StickyApp again at a later date, the StickyApp can then be put back online.

We will review how to handle this unlikely scenario in the StickyApps Bootcamp. There are several options to consider, including charging an upfront setup fee, building in the risk of cancellation into your monthly fee, requiring a minimum one-year commitment, and more.

What happens to a small business if I decide to cancel my account?
If you decide you would no longer like to build StickyApps, we recommend lowering your prices for the small business to cover your costs to us. That way the small business can keep their StickyApp website and you will still have enough money to cover the monthly fees. Alternatively, you could keep your prices the same (and continue to service your clients at their existing plan level) and just not take on any new clients.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes, StickyApps comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know and we will refund your money (no questions asked) and we can part as friends. We do not offer refunds after 30 days.

Can I sign up if I live outside of the U.S.A.?
Maybe. StickyApps payment system is integrated with Stripe. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the StickyApps client billing features, you will need to make sure Stripe supports your country. Click here to see a current list of which countries are supported by Stripe.

If you don't plan to use Stripe and our client billing features, then you won't have any issues signing up.

Is StickyApps different from StickyAlbums?
Yes, StickyApps is a completely separate product from StickyAlbums. StickyAlbums allows you to create custom mobile apps for your portrait clients. StickyApps, however, lets you create website with app-like functionality that you can sell to small businesses.